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The Best Anti Jammer on the Market

The Best Anti Jammer on the Market - Nikam Security Division


Born for Fleet Management

FUNCTIONS: the  “ANTIJAMMER RF-DETECTOR” device detects the  electromagnetic emissions spectrum comprehended in the radio waves frequency range in  the surrounding environment. 


FIELD OF ACTION: the device is calibrated to detect signals sent out by up to 10-15 meters distant polluting sources.   


OPERATING TIME: the device sends out an alarm warning when the detected electromagnetic signal exceeds the set level and stays in the surrounding environment longer than 15 seconds (the time limit can be modified and personalized according to the device application). 


INPUTS/OUTPUTS: the device is provided with two outputs. The first one is cut out for a power relay NO (normally open) contact. The Rf-Detector  has been already tested with Kft. peripheral devices. The second one is an open collector (max.100mA): it can be connected to a led or buzzer.   


Both are equally intended to signal an alarm condition in presence of electromagnetic emissions.  

The device is provided with two digital inputs and an analogue one. Their use is optional: the device activation can be subordinated  either to the logical state of the digital inputs or to an analogical signal whose tension varies from a lower to a higher level. 


DIMENSIONS: circuit dimensions: W 2.17 inches - H 3.35 inches. The device is delivered in a sealed protective box (W 2.17 inches - H 3.35 inches – D 1.38 inches). 


FEEDING CAPACITY: the device needs a 12V-250mA tension. 


What makes it unique.


What makes it unique


The product is patented and manufactured in Italy.
The Anti-Jammer is the only product that is certified and approved for europe circulation.
Its small dimensions also allow freer concealment and easy.
Can be combined with all satellite systems having at least two inputs and is capable of interacting with their control units.
The device is calibrated to detect signals from "sources of pollution", up to 10-15 feet away, and is the only existing device can warn drivers of danger inminenteantes it happens in the middle of the attack.

Kit for modifying parameters:
     1) Alarm time
     2) sensitivity thresholds
  (for large quantities).