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Drive Cam 360°

Drive Cam 360° - Nikam Security Division

Drive Cam 360° is a video capture and storage device,

globally accessed by a viewing and management software

(Drive CAM) through the use of an already existing power wiring.

The integrated not-volatile mass memory (SD card or HardDisk) is able to store directly the captured video in MPG4 format, so it is not required an external data server or recorder device.

With EzyDriveCAM it is possible to set up a surveillance

system in a very easy and quick way: just connect 2 cables

to the camera (12V dc supply and video signal) and plug the

power cord to the existing power line. That’s all!

Unlike all other existing video surveillance products, this system does not
require a dedicated cabling neither a PC or
a DVR for recording video.

EzyDriveCAM has an integrated PowerLine digital communicator able to transmit the live video or the recorded streams of the camera directly on the existing power lines, without any expensive cable installation.

EzyDriveCAM uses a high-speed digital transmission based on the HomePlug® standard, that communicates directly on the powerline cables with a remote PC (used as a “control panel”).

The presence of a battery backup system allows the device to continue to power the camera and record the video, even if the main power supply is removed.

EzyDriveCAM is also equipped with an RS485 output to control motorized
PTZ cameras, a NC alarm input and an
open collector output to be remotely controlled.

Power supply

110-230 Vac + Rechargeable Battery Traditional power lines by digital technology based on Home Plug 1.0 protocol (up to 14Mbps) Pack 12V 600mAh. 

 Recording resolution

Max resolution 640x480 Max framerate 25fps (configurable by the user)

Motion Detection Area

3 independent Regions of Interest (ROI) completely configurable by the user (geometry and sensibility threshold)

Mass Memory

Secure Digital Card (SD)


Recording Modes

•  2,5" IDE Hard Disk  Motion Detection

  Video Compression
Continuous Time based



• alarm NC input



12Vdc camera power supply

open collector output remotely controlled

RS485 output for PTZ control (protocol PelcoP/D)


Video Transmission Network

Traditional power lines by digital technology based on Home Plug 1.0 protocol (up to 14Mbps)


Video Compression

MPEG4 simple layer / simple profile

video input CVBS (PAL)