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Company Information about our - Nikam Security Division

Nikam has a well-established experience in the security sector and of electronics, sector in which works from beyond   15 years counting among his jobs the placing in safety of some of the most prestigious business realities of our country. Our professionalism and experience is put to your service to try to satisfy every demand. The Nikam Security Division realizes and sells the following product typologies: Antitheft, Clever Infrared Barriers antiovercoming   and antiintrusion, Alarm Systems of last generation with sensors and telecameras-Videosorveglianza With Telecameras revolutionaries   without corners also dead   with vision at 360th and liking zoommata on the registered, GPS/GSM   detector for the defence of your vehicles  . We do, still, Environmental Bug Reclamations and our privacy mines from all that. Yours furthermore protect, with   sophisticated software,   computer and the sensitive data contained in them. Besides in the sale we are furthermore specialized in the Professional Engineering issues of such products and offer, who chooses us free of charge to, advices and system design by staff specialized altamante.  With Nikam will be able to sleep quiet sleeps.